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Chatterboxes make good sound !

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Chokkanayaki, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Chokkanayaki

    Chokkanayaki Silver IL'ite

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    Aunt to ten year old nephew...So how are you ?
    Nephew Dhruvan -" I am fine athai,
    Athai : What are you doing :?
    .Dhruvan : feeling sleepy.."YAWWWN...:hide:
    The time is Saturday Afternoon and the conversation over the phone continues......
    How is school ? I ask and your new friends.Good athai....
    Please note the two word answers.
    I am his Athai and I was determined to make him t
    So do you have girl friends ?...Yuck !!!! No he replied .
    and pray why not...They are very sweet I say...
    NO WAY, he replied
    May I know the reason.....They CRY
    and you boys don't ?...No never !
    and then I hit upon an idea to make him speak in sentences.
    Can you please name some of your boy friends ?
    ...he went on to complete the attendance roll..
    I was in splits.I controlled myself and I did not want him to hear my guffaws..Ok ! Who's your best friend ?...
    Raunak, he said...Why ? He is from Maharashtra .He is a rich guy.:)
    How do you know ? I asked..
    His face gives him away...He is a very rich boy and i knew it from the very first day that I met him....and see athai I was right..I saw him coming to school in a FERRARI.
    I was unable to control my laughter but I went on.....
    Any more best friends...yes ! Siddharth he said....and then I quizzed...Why is he a best friend ?...
    He's a SAI devotee he replied and how do you know ? I ask.
    .He keeps using the word SAI as he speaks and he told me yesterday....Dhruvan..Isn't SAI awesome ?...I like him very much ....I am in splits again...
    Athai : Now Name some girls in your class.
    njana....he went on in attendance fashion...I was reminded of my school days when we used to do the same....So ! How are the girls ? I asked Most of them are Padipps...always studying, he said...I could not take it any more and burst out laughing....Sanjana is our CLASS LEADER and very good in her studies....But why do they CRY athai ?...I had no answers.....I had tears in my eyes...albeit from incessant laughter though...Girlish traits ?????
    Athai : Then who else ? I like all your friends.please tell me more. Dhruvan : Oh ! I like most of them,except Shashank and Praful...They are too loud and impolite.
    How can you judge ? I asked....
    Dhruvan :They can never speak softly and even when they talk with maam they sound so rude.I am always very soft spoken and you know something...I offered to share my lunch with a friend who forgot to bring his lunch .Maam was watching...
    She said Dhruvan you are a good boy...You will be the BOOK CLASS LEADER..I feel so proud of myself,he added..:thumbsup

    Grandmother enters the scene....With whom are you talking for so long ??????
    Dhruvan whispers over the phone.....Athai !I have another friend Mayur .His mother is very strict and does not allow him to speak too long on the phone......Bye for Now...You are now free talk to your MO

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