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    Usually I don't succumb to partisan views of distributing or classifying people but I'm helpless because these doyens belong to a class of their own, a class they defined, risen and held aplomb for the longest duration.

    Everyone writes well here, few 'write & respond' well! But 3 people have impressed and inspired me to always drop my jaw each time I read their feedbacks. They have taught me the most basic and essential ingredient of interaction , it is never about what you write but who you write to. I skip their original posts and only read their feedbacks. They are:

    @Cheeniya, @Kamla and @ManjuReddy

    The less spoken about Cheeniya & Kamla the better, or else I'll inanely gild the lily and look utterly foolish. Nothing that people here don't realize or not aware can I add by saying that your feedbacks in the FP or snippets forums always infuse me with merriment.

    Aye Manju, she was a lady that launched a 100 fans! And the greatest and most passive was me. Smitten, paralysed, high on her writing, stammer is all I could reciprocate when I read few of her posts. She was a writer of extraordinaire calibre. Her presence here mystified me, her writing here magnetized me and her charming bonhomie and humility melted me.

    There was one particular post of Manjureddy when she returned to the pavilion and mentioned something along the lines "I'm not responding to each one individually who have enthusiastically embraced my return, don't think that I don't have time to address but treat that only as happy to be back and a GROUP HUG"

    The day she embodied the class I'm talking anent. Writing is not about lubrication of one's vocal thoughts but a inhere process to synchronise, evaluate, rationalize our thoughts and feelings with other people and these 3 people have taught me more in their feedbacks to others (including me) than my own writing.
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    Please rest assured that these two lilies, Kamla and Cheeniya, can take a lot more gild than they are able to shine in! You may have run short of gild but don't try to circumvent that fact by saying that you will be 'inanely gilding the lily'!
    Coming to Manjureddy, why do I feel so happy when someone paints her in the richest hues possible? From her large heart to her large feet of which she has told us so much, everything fascinates me. It is so nice to hear all the good words about her from you. Good words never sound better than when you handle them!
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    Accept my very much belated many such more happy returns IL! :yes:

    As always I am a Late Kate in acknowledging any good word about me.
    The reason, I am always short of words.
    :thankyou2: Aruna and IL for this wonderful platform :hatsoff.

    Even though they talk about time is an illusion, it is still a mystery how you all handle it among your other works and I couldn't! :-(

    I know the loss is mine.. but will make my time to be present in IL like earlier and gather the vast knowledge spread over the forums.


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