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caution: Plastic containers for acidic stuff

Discussion in 'Healthy Living' started by newtousa1, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. newtousa1

    newtousa1 New IL'ite

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    noticed that the acidic and oily items are stored in plastic containers (Kaara Kolambu, Pickles etc) in the Indian grocery stores.

    As such plastic is dangerous. acidic items in plastic? whatchout ladies. take care of your family health and please post your opinions here.

    If any there are any doctors or any experts who reads this, please provide your valuable feedback if this is a real issue or not?

    As a family we have completely avoided the ziploc, rubbermaid containers completetly to store any of the indian food that has oil/acidic content like rasam, puli kolambu, chicken curry etc.
    We have switched to glass/ceramic containers for almost all the stuff except fruits and rice.


  2. Arunadhri

    Arunadhri Bronze IL'ite

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    Plastics - many of them - are some of the most innocuous substances. In fact the drive against plastics IS because they are permanent and create an environmental problem. I am sure you would have noticed the huge number of plastic medical devices in use in every branch of healthcare. Almost every implanted artificial organ has some plastic in it.
    Having said that there ARE some issues with plastic.

    PVC is now recognized as unsuitable for storage of food stuff especially oily ones. This is because virgin PVC is a horn (Cattle) like hard substance. To make it flexible it is specially compounded with plasticisers like phthalates. These added on materials can leach into the stored food and if ingested in large enough quantities can cause liver damage and other problems.
    Having said that, PVC is still used to make critical medical devices like blood bags for short duration storage at lower temperatures and fluid dispensing tubing where the diffusion of plasticizers is considerably reduced. Even then blood stored in PVC containers is not transfused to children as they are more susceptible to hazard.

    While each one is free to choose their containers, glass and ceramics are not necessarily safer for leaching. Actually Rubbermaid , Tupperware and such reputed brands are totally safe for the specified use. They have to conform to various applicable international standards before they get their certification. In fact All reputed chemical manufacturing and marketing companies use plastic as containers for concentrated inorganic acids like even hydrofluoric acid (Which will dissolve glass and ceramic) and alkalis.

    Sensibly used, plastics are completely safe.

    Let us not throw out the baby with the bath water.

    Last edited: Jul 4, 2010

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