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Career Transition In The Usa - From It To Career Change - Seeking Your Advise

Discussion in 'General Discussions - USA & Canada' started by Change1, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Change1

    Change1 New IL'ite

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    Hi Friends,

    I am seeking your advise on Career Transition in the USA. Have you or anybody you know has transitioned their career from IT to any other NON-IT fields?
    Have you made a career change? If so, what did you move into and how? What helped you make the change? What your change worth it?
    • Did you move from IT to Non IT roles within corporate America?
    • Did you start your own business?
    • Did you get into a franchise?
    • Did you become a realtor?
    • Did you become a financial planner?
    • Did you sell insurance?
    • Did you take up a work from home job?
    • Did you start a home business?
    If you did any of the above or did something else then please advise and suggest and please share your experience on how you got there.

    Thanks a ton in advance and I look forward to hear from you!! I appreciate your time.

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