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Career and kids

Discussion in 'Working Women' started by shobananewton, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. shobananewton

    shobananewton New IL'ite

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    Hi Galz,
    Am jus startin this nu thread for mothers across the globe to share ther agony,to share ther thoughts ,to vent out ther emotions due to the choice that life has made them to make......"Career vs Kids"....i din wanna continue this thread with the caption which sayz career vs kids ,coz i kno its not a mother's decision to choose career over children.....so am jus gonna go with Career and kids......
    A lot of us who are completly well educated,who had a great career bfor marriage would have never ever thought that life could change so much after givin birth and becomin a proud mommy.......jus that some of us are really blessed to be around our kids 24/7 and some of us are blessed to do both(career and kids)...so hop into this thread and share ur experiences........
    well i guess i wld like to share what am goin thro in the first place....hope u guys join me too...well am a post graduate with a double master's degree in my hand and i have two wonderful kids who i adore to the core and thank GOD everyday for givin me such a huge and wonderful blessing....
    Ther is not much of an age diff between my kids and the'r both toddlers.....i live in my house with my dh and my kids with no one to take care of the kids...in the sense neither do my mom or my mil stay with me tro out to help me raise them both which at times i get frustrated but then again i think am growin stronger everyday and becomin more independent....i love takin care of my kids all by myself now and also with the help of my almighty GOD....
    its been 3 years now, that i've taken a break in my career and smetimes i feel like am ready but then again smething stops me.....By GOD's grace we'r financially ok and ther's no compulsion that i go and wrk....but again i have this huge desire to also acheive smethin in my life career wise ......have ne one of u bin in sch situation.....plz share

    Last edited: Jul 2, 2010

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