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Care Your Eyes This Winter...

Discussion in 'Nature Cure' started by sunkan, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. sunkan

    sunkan Gold IL'ite

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    Dry eyes is a condition many people confront.
    It is caused when the tears produced by the eyes
    are insufficient in moisture,
    and other features
    that help keep the eyes remain protected.

    It may also be stimulated by environmental aspects
    such as weather that irritate the eye and dry up tears.
    People with dry eyes
    often feel discomfort in a variety of forms
    including irritation, inflammation,
    or the feeling of something in the eye.
    They are diagnosed by a doctor and repeatedly have
    a decrease in the amount of tear creation due
    to obstruction or just a minimization in tears.
    They tend to have the uncomfortable feelings
    and symptoms for a longer period of time where
    as dry eyes for a person
    who works on a computer frequently
    maybe more short term.
    Treatments for minor degrees of dry eyes
    may not be as efficacious for chronic dry eyes
    because of the deviating causes.

    Tears are a major protective agent for the eyes
    as they not only wash away dust from the eyes,
    also soothe the eyes,
    provide oxygen and nutrients to the cornea,
    as well as help defend against eye infections
    by removing microorganisms that can colonize in the eyes.

    It also shows that dry eyes are more likely
    if there is a depletion of tears due to reduction
    of generation because of age or by weather issues
    like windy days which can dry out tears quickly.
    Women approaching menopause especially
    face dry eyes due to the increase in hormones.

    Another factor is that some people are not able
    to generate as much natural tears as needed
    whether it be from aging, blockage of tear ducts,
    or from medication that leads to less yielding of tears.
    This problem oftentimes leads to chronic dry eyes
    as the person is not able to manufacture tears
    and the eyes are not sufficiently lubricated.
    Tears evaporate rapidly,
    and the eyes are not cleaned properly.

    Environmental factors can also play a factor in eyes drying up.
    Examples include dusty air,
    dry or windy weather,
    or fumes like cigarette smoke which can
    evaporate tears much speedily
    or hamper their effectiveness.

    Contact lens wearers usually experience dry eyes
    because they contacts seems to work against moisturization.
    A deficiency in vitamin A
    insomnia may also lead to dry eyes.


    Unpleasantness in the eyes or a feeling
    of presence of foreign object in the eyes.


    Itchiness, redness, and
    excessive tearing without relief can all occur.

    Discomfort after periods of eye strain
    like watching TV, reading,
    data processing, sewing, etc are possible occurrences.


    Drink plenty of water.

    Protect the eyes from harsh weather
    conditions like wind and dust.

    Make sure medication
    is not causing dry eyes.

    Eat healthy food containing eye nutrients
    especially with vitamin A, C, and E and
    if need be take supplements containing flax seed
    and Omega-3 fatty acids.

    When watching TV,
    using the computer or other eye straining activities,
    take frequent breaks and blink often.

    People who wear contact lenses
    should take them out and keep eyes well hydrated.

    Get plenty of sleep to keep eyes healthy.

    Source: Eye Care Source.com

  2. padmaiyangar

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    madam sunkan,
    Thanks for posting care your eyes this winters in appropriate time since just the winter about to set in and the article is very imformative one
    with regards
  3. puni88

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    Hello Sunkan,
    Thanks for sharing this information.


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