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Care For Carpets

Discussion in 'Home Decoration & Improvement' started by Anusowmyan, Jul 18, 2017.

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    Carpet is a fabric for covering a floor. It creates a stylish ambience & enhances the beauty of the house. Carpets are available in various shapes, sizes, materials & mediums from many different countries. Carpets need to be maintained well for looking good and last long.

    Let’s focus on the few tips of care &cleaning of the carpets:

    Carpets can be cleaned in two ways; (a) wet cleaning or shampooing

    (b) Dry cleaning.

    In wet cleaning or shampooing, a detergent which dries to a powder is advisable. When the carpet is dry, the dried detergent plus the loosened dirt can be picked up with a vacuum cleaner before the actual shampooing is carried out. With the suitable detergent diluted, as per directions using hand scrubbing or by a rotatory scrubbing machine the carpet is cleaned. Shampooing will not kill all micro-organisms, it can be prevented by spray vacuum cleaning daily by means of a spraying device.

    In the dry cleaning of carpets:

    #Have a smooth, even sub floor

    # Use a good under tray

    #Do not use a rubber under tray for a seamed carpet

    # vacuum clean frequently

    # For damp dust, use brush or use vacuum cleaner attachments on the edges of the carpet at frequent intervals

    # Avoid vacuum cleaning woollen carpets when very new to allow loose fibres to stiffen.

    #Remove stains as soon as possible

    # Do not let dry cleaning fluid come in contact with it.

    #shampoo when necessary

    # protect damp carpet from metal castors and legs of furniture to prevent rusted marks

    # protect carpet with hearth cloth or drugget when necessary

    # prevent rugs from creeping by use of rubber or rubberised net

    #secure edges of carpets at doorways &staircases

    #protect against damage by moth if not already moth proofed

    #Attend to any wear &tear from sharp castors

    #Repair torn edges and worn parts

    # cut off loose ends particularly looped, never pull pile

    # Jog stair carpets & carpet squares regularly.

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