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California Bay Area Vs Atlanta

Discussion in 'Indians in Georgia' started by Positivity02, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Positivity02

    Positivity02 Silver IL'ite

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    We currently live in bay area. We have an option to move to Atlanta in some months or we can continue to stay to back in Cali.
    Major benefit I see in moving is that rents seems lesser in Atlanta and here in our area it is increasing at an exorbitant rate. Later if we want to buy a home, Atlanta looks attainable whereas here its almost a million for similar home.
    Most of the info I have is from online and I would like to hear from ppl living in Atlanta/moved from Cali to Atlanta regarding these things,
    1. Cost of living
    2. Weather
    3. Schools
    4. Indian population
    Please add if you can think of something more.

  2. Ranchu

    Ranchu Local Champion Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    From comparison , I'd say its much better than Cali.
    I've been to cali for vacations and for work <1 week at a time>.
    If you are in a career plan of switching companies every 1 or 2 years for a cut throat progression, this is not your city. Here life is peaceful, people are content.
    If you have job security and happy with your savings , you are welcome to atlanta.

    1. Cost of living is much cheaper ; but your salary is also scaled down due to that. Overall your savings will be the same.
    I would not recommend using this as a comparison metric

    2. weather is fantastic. Summers go to 105F , hot like Chennai , south-india. Winters are cold upto 30F . May be 1 day of snow. thats it.

    3. Schools are fantastic , you have options of charter or private schools too. which are affordable. You can check rankings and pick the right county for your choice.

    4 . There are 8 temples within 5 miles of where I live.
    We have 3 stores that have lot of native foods being imported.
    sample of a store : Lakshmi Florist - Home
    There are Chinmaya Balavihar , Krishna's bagavatam classes , Global mall has all indian dance / instruments classes. Huge amount of desi population out here .

    Besides these , you have consider the quality of life :
    Roads are fantastic.
    malls for every need in every exit.
    Low on population for the size of city; due to this you get to see lot of greenery around, abundance of water, huge area for houses <if you plan to buy ; ranges 500K for a 6 bedroom house with basement> .

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