Butter Paneer Masala In Green Gravy

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    Paneer : 200 Gms


    Green Tomatoes : 6-8

    Khoya : 75 Gms

    Capsicum : 1 No

    Spring onion : only the green part of 3-4 onions

    Green Chillies : 10 Nos

    Garlic : 3-4 Pods

    Ginger : 1” Peeled

    Cloves : 3-4

    Cinnamon : 1”

    Bayleaf : 1 No

    Butter : 1 Cup

    Salt : As per taste

    Lemon : ½ rind

    Cooking Butter for Frying as required.


    Kasuri Methi : 1 tsp

    Cream : 1 Tbsp


    Cut paneer into cubes, marinate with green chillies salt and lemon and keep for ½ hr.Shallow fry a little and keep aside.

    Blanch tomatoes in hot water, remove the skin and blend in a mixie.

    Dry fry cinnamon, cloves and bayleaf and powder it. Add ginger, khoya and tomato puree and blend again to a smooth paste.

    Heat cooking butter in a pan fry Capsicum, Spring onion, garlic, greenchillies, garam masala and cool and grind into a paste.

    Heat cooking butter again in the pan, add the capsicum paste – spring onion paste and fry a little. Then add the tomato puree masala paste. Keep adding butter and mixing constantly while frying.

    When the gravy is fried thoroughly and when butter starts oozing out, add enough water to the gravy for a desired consistency.

    Let the gravy boil in sim for 7-8 min and add the marinated paneer pieces.

    Remove from flame, mix the kasuri methi in the curry and garnish with cream on top.

    [font=&quot]Serve butter paneer masala hot with Roti’s or Parantha’s. [/font]
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