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Broken Relationship

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jaishree9, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. jaishree9

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    Yesterday the breaking news was - the filing of divorce case by Rahul Mahajan & Shweta.This was as fast as the marrige was after the death of Pramod mahajan( LATE bjp LEADER ) .Since Death of Pramod mahajan his son Rahul was always in the news for some or other wrong reson. First the near death episode with drugs ,death of one other member of party than a quick marrige to shweta ( within months of his fathers death ) & just after stories of abusing & domestic violence.
    This all makes one think that How much necessary it is to bring children giving values for life rather than a huge POT OF MONEY .
    It is so crucial to brought up kids in a atmoshphere of Love & honesty in family.
    How cud a person whio was leader of masses claimed to do justification for public for his party was so ignorant abt giving values to his only son . All thses h/o drugs addiction,Burning 500/- rs for a puff of caocaine ( it was in news at time of that episode that they used to put that drugs on 500 rs note ,burn it & inhale ) when so many people in India didnt even get 5/-rs for food & have to sleep,how cud they do it? I wonder .
    in those crucial times her friend Shweta stand by his side & gave support to him that was quite appreciable ,any girl wud have had second thoughts abt marrying such a person Even when the news came of abusing her & domestic violence she stands & told that no All is well but there cant be smoke without fire & now with filing of divorce this has come true.
    I think That what society call" filthy rich people" really think that this is their lifestyle & in being in news & on page three is their status symble but doing drugs ,having broken relationship & all that really point out that what glitters is not always gold. And that shud be the teaching to our youth & small kids.

  2. mums

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    Dear Jaishree-----i agree with you.

    But its not only rich peoples who are spoil brat today. Even parents from middle class family go a long way to make their kids have a luxurious life, even though they couldn't afford it.

    In case if we try to ground our kids with minimum basic amenities.........they will be looked down by their peers.

    Its best if we parents behave well at home and create a sound atmosphere for our kids to grow. We should be friendly with them but at the same be firm and teach them moral things.
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