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Bread Idly

Discussion in 'Cookery Contest Recipes' started by Prema, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Prema

    Prema New IL'ite

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    <!--[endif]--> Ingredients

    <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

    Sandwich Bread : 1

    Potatoes : ¼ kg

    Dhania –Jeera Powder : 1 Tsp

    Green Chillies : 6-8

    Green Coriander : 2 Tsp (Chopped)

    Green Chutney : 3 Tbsp

    Tomato Sauce : 3 Tbsp

    Curds : 3 Tbsp

    Mustard seeds : ½ Tsp

    Jeera : ½ Tsp

    Oil : 2 Tbsp

    Salt : As per taste

    <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->


    <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

    <!--[if !supportLists]-->1.[font=&quot] [/font]<!--[endif]-->Cut the bread slices with a round plate so that the shape of the slice becomes round. (You can cut into any other desired shape also).

    <!--[if !supportLists]-->2.[font=&quot] [/font]<!--[endif]-->Boil potatoes and mix enough salt, chopped green chillies, green coriander, dhania jeera powder and mash it well and keep aside.

    <!--[if !supportLists]-->3.[font=&quot] [/font]<!--[endif]-->Prepare green chutney by grinding green coriander, green chillies, salt and lime juice and keep aside.Take tomato sauce in a separate bowl and keep it aside.

    <!--[if !supportLists]-->4.[font=&quot] [/font]<!--[endif]-->Season curds: Heat oil in a pan, add the mustard seeds, jeera, chopped green chillies and coriander and salt and keep it aside.

    <!--[if !supportLists]-->5.[font=&quot] [/font]<!--[endif]-->Take a bread slice and put mashed potato mix on one side and apply tomato sauce on the other side of the slice.

    <!--[if !supportLists]-->6.[font=&quot] [/font]<!--[endif]-->Take another bread slice and apply green chutney to one side of the slice and join the two slices on the sauce-green chutney side.

    <!--[if !supportLists]-->7.[font=&quot] [/font]<!--[endif]-->Heat a pan and brush it with little oil and put the bread slices on the pan on the potato mix side and apply the seasoned curds as the top layer.

    <!--[if !supportLists]-->8.[font=&quot] [/font]<!--[endif]-->Cover and cook on a medium heat till the potato mix is even roasted or till done. The bread slice will slightly bulge on the upper side giving it a look of an idly. Serve hot.

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