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Brands? Worth The Value?

Discussion in 'Jewelry & Accessories' started by anika987, Jul 28, 2022.

  1. PurpleRoses

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    I am not at all crazy behind high end brands but at the same time I am not the person to pickup roadside bags being sold at 200bucks!.
    It's more like whether you eat in a silver plate or a steel plate, what fills your stomach and soul is the food on the plate and not the metal in which its served!
    I was born brought up in a lower middle class family where even a mixer grinder bought at home was a second hand.
    Though now I am a working woman and part of upper middle class status... Still I cant forget my upbringing and it kept me rooted and not waste money on things that are not really needed.
    I love watches and handbags and sandals but I buy them branded yet not of high end brands where I need to shell out thousands and lakhs for a handbag or shoes!
    My daily wear handbags to work hardly costs 2k though being branded!
    My sandals cost 1.2k and also are branded (Bata ki jai!)
  2. ashima10

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    Oh Bata is bes!
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  3. Thyagarajan

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    Spouse & i went into a footwear shop in a plaza. This shop stocks local and imported ones. My family insisted for a pair of MCR or LCR chappal brand bata only. He shouted to someone sitting over our head in mezzanine. Through a square hole he dropped size six.

    It was special wear to suit people having leg problems. She sat on a chair and inserted the pair into her legs. Upon wearing and walking inside the shop, on right foot she found certain discomfort. The shop sales man suggested size five for right leg and six for left foot and told to buy two pairs one of each size! The idea was strange but in Bata brand how it can be like this!

    She had a closer look of carton.  upload_2022-8-4_20-54-24.jpeg

    In print chain writing it was BOta. Between B & a the continuation line was at the top
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  4. shravs3

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    Lol off late I started purchasing one or more items from each brand. That way I can satisfy my mind that I have got all the branded items I wanted :grinning:

    That being said my first ever Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses that I bought when I visited NYC, got its first scratch on the lens recently.
    My heart broke but couldn’t do anything because my baby is the culprit :disappointed::cry::cryingcat:

    And then I realised that atleast
    for few years I shouldn’t buy anything expensive!
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