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Bottled water same as Tap water?

Discussion in 'Keep Fit & Maintain Shape' started by sunitha, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. sunitha

    sunitha Gold IL'ite

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    Recently,a cousin visited us and she was telling us about how her toddler son became ill with 'contagious diarrhoea' when they visited India recently.Her son contracted the illness from another close relative and it was nothing to do with water. But when she came back here,her close friends were chiding her for not carrying mineral water from here to India.

    The very next day I heard this news that all bottled water is nothing but tap water and that environmentalists have finally won their battle over mineral water manufacturers to start labelling the bottles of water with 'PWS' or Public water source which is nothing but tap water.

    This news made me laugh and cry at the same time.These manufacturers are actually taking us for a ride by selling us water named mineral water which is nothing but tap water,isn't that outrageous?Now,experts are coming and telling us that whether you drink tap water or mineral water,it is all the same.

    This made me laugh too...imagine our people carrying loads of this tap water(oops ! mineral water) to India by flight....isn't it funny to even think of it?

  2. Abha

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    Haha, yes indeed it is funny Sunitha

    they would carry mineral water and ask for organic aloos, when in india...
    ohh how they dont know they have been drinking "Nal ka paani" instead of so called spring water from the moutains of alps... it sounds soo good to the ears...

    anyways its a general tendency of many people. when they go to india for a vacation or something... and if the child will even cough, they'll say ohh this place is so polluted and if anyone has any stomach upset... they call it "Delhi Belly".

    You wudnt believe, there is this couple, who dont give stuff toys to their daughter, cos once when she was very small she had a small bump on her face and they think she is allergic to the fur of the stuff toys. I pity them.

    why make kids so sensitive and delicate, that they cant bear anything in life...


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