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Books by Ma Yoga Shakti:

Discussion in 'Book Lovers' started by pammor, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. pammor

    pammor Senior IL'ite

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    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 border=0><TR align=middle>Books by Ma Yoga Shakti:

    <TD width="83%">Yoga Syzygy 2nd edition (guide to Hatha Yoga)<TD width="17%">$15.00<TD width="83%">Techniques of Meditation to Enhance Mind Power **SALE**<TD width="17%">$10.00<TD width="83%">Shri Satya Narayana Katha<TD width="17%">$5.00<TD width="83%">Hanumaan Chalisa<TD width="17%">$5.00<TD width="83%">A Spiritual Message<TD width="17%">$5.00<TD width="83%">Invisible Psychic Lotuses<TD width="17%">$10.00<TD width="83%">Yoga Aasana Chart<TD width="17%">$2.00<TD width="83%">Chandogya Upanishad<TD width="17%">$ 5.00<TD width="83%">Yoga Para Salud Fisica y Mental (Spanish)<TD width="17%">$14.95<TD width="83%">Gheranda Samhita (Italian)<TD width="17%">$14.95<TR align=middle>Hindi:<TD width="83%">Bhakti Sangeet<TD width="17%">$7.00<TD width="83%">Himalaya Geeta<TD width="17%">$5.00<TD width="83%">Atma Vidya Tatha Yoga Sadhana<TD width="17%">$10<TR align=middle>Other:<TD width="83%">Cassette Tapes Meditation and Relaxation -
    English or Hindi<TD width="17%">$7.00<TD width="83%">Newsletter Subscription<TD width="17%">$5.00<TR align=middle>Membership:<TD width="83%">Individual per year<TD width="17%">$25.00<TD width="83%">Family per year<TD width="17%">$35.00<TD width="83%">Life Member<TD width="17%">$1001<TD width="83%">Patron<TD width="17%">$5001
    Orders can be placed with Chennai Ashram:
    Yoga shakti Mission,
    27,2A,Chola Flats,

    <!-- InstanceEndEditable -->

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