Beware, litter cops are watching

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    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="98%" align=center border=0><TD class=overviewfont colSpan=2>These litter cops will levy spot fines ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 1,000, depending on the nature of the offence committed.<TD height=5><!-- ~~|123Dop123|ArticleContentFont|height="5px"|DoP|520|10|~~ --><TD class=ArticleContent>As part of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike’s efforts to bring about a cleaner City, 60 “litter cops” have been appointed to rein in littering public on four major commercial thoroughfares.

    These “litter cops” will levy spot fines ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 1,000, depending on the nature of the offence committed.

    Kempe Gowda Road, M G Road, Cubbon Road and Commercial Street are the thoroughfares which these cops will be patrolling within a fortnight, official sources told Deccan Herald. “Misusing water meant for drinking, urinating in public, throwing garbage around, spitting/expectorating and allowing pet animals to mess around are aspects these cops will be monitoring very keenly,” they said.

    Dustbins will be placed every 100 metres on these streets to ensure that the public has a proper garbage disposal system in place.

    “The cops will be equipped with a handycam each to record the behaviour of the public so that the charges won’t be disputed,” the sources said. They will also have special uniforms bearing BBMP logos.

    BBMP officials will be around to assist them in their work, the sources said.

    The team will be empowered to issue show-cause notice to shopkeepers as well as individuals who do not abide by rules. There are plans to increase the number of “litter cops” to cover 200 commercial streets in the City at a later stage.

    A Bangalore-based agency, Major Territorial Army, headed by B N Nandukumar, a retired army man, has been awarded the contract.

    The provision for penalty has been made under the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act 1996 Sec 431 Schedule (1). Citizens who violate the rule can be booked for cognisable offence under KMC Act 478 and Compounding of Offence Rules 1996.

    Misuse of drinking water Rs.1000
    Urinating on streets Rs.100.00
    Spitting Rs.100.00
    Excrete by pet dogs Rs.200.00
    Throwing of garbage outside Rs.100.00


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