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Best location in Chennai to buy a flat

Discussion in 'Housing' started by skala, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. skala

    skala New IL'ite

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    Hi all,

    I would like to discuss some common yet useful matters about buying a flat in Chennai. Ofcourse for different families different locations seem convenient according to the work places and schools of the family members. This thread might be more useful for those working in IT streams, and have toddlers/ children whose schools are yet to be decided.

    I too need advice in finding an apt location for a flat

    I think below are the main concerns most of the people have in mind while looking for an apartment these days.

    About Location
    1) The location should be easily accessible to OMR

    2)The location must be easily accessible from central railway station/other popular stations , airport etc.

    3) Good Water, availalability of metro water.

    4) Water logging issues during rain must not be there.

    5) Good drainage system

    6) Nice schools and hospitals around

    7) Should have nearby conveniece stores and shops

    8) Chances for more developments so that price of the flat will appreciate

    I feel ready to occupy flats, though a 2-3 years old would be better than going for those under construction, as we will endup paying pre-EMI etc and also there would be hidden issues after moving in to these apartments.

    Buying ready to occupy homes will help us save the rental money, for those who are now staying for rent like me. Also we will get a live picture from our future neighbours about how the stay would be.

    We must not also deny the fact that if we buy a 2-3 years old house, we must leave for us, some money for rennovation of the same in accordance to our convenience, apart from just buying the flat.

    Please suggest a good location in Chennai and rate them according to the points given above and any points that you would like to add.

    I shall start with Perungudi

    1) accesible to OMR
    2) Comparitively lesser distance from Central and Airport when compared to Sholinganallur, Navallur etc.
    3) Good water.. not salty. Metro water availability in near future.
    4)Donno aboout water logging issues. If anyone knows about this please make a note.
    5) I dont know if the drainage system is good.Some people said, they collect sewage in lorries everyday. but there are chances of development
    6) I dont know if any good CBSE schools are there nearby. Lifeline hospital is within limits.
    7) Shops like Nilgiris etc are there in Kandanchavadi junction and in mainroad
    8) price will appreciate as there are scopes for developments

    I would call it an "above average" location to look for apartments.. Hope to see more suggestions and opinions about this location.
    Also please add on other Location suggestions that fall under these criteria and their ratings!!

    Cheers and ALL THE VERY BEST for house hunters!!
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2010

  2. cutekarthika

    cutekarthika New IL'ite

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    Hi skala,

    As my perception Siruseri is a good location to invest money

    1) Good access to OMR
    2) less distance for Navalur and Sholinganallur
    3) Near to SIPCOT IT park
    4)easy access for reputed schools and colleges


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