Being judgemental - A social evil ?

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    Apart from the serious issues of today's society,'being judgemental' of others is an issue that affects every spectrum of our society, only people who have the courage to stand alone are immune to it.Before further discussion, I have admit and apologise, about being judgemental myself,I try my best not to.
    I once met a person, who was shabbly dressed and appeared to be least sophisticated, atleast to me.Few months later I met the same person in a friend's house, was shockingly surprised to find that the person, was well dressed,very smart, warm and loving, an ideal person, you want to be friendly with. This is a small example of one being judgemental.Is there any good in judging people for who they are.
    In everyday life, this issue affects everyone, especially in a personal relationship.A husband or a wife does not open up completely,for the fear of being judged.A friend witholds information, fearing being embarrassed.A son or a daughter, hides their shortcomings for the fear of being ridiculed.Men don't want to be helped with directions, Women don't want to reveal their age and want look young always, for the fear of being looked upon.Most of us always want to be in the good books of others,always want to be one among the crowd not standing out of it.
    One friend of mine in India, got separated from her husband within few months of her marriage, but she did not reveal this information,just because she did not want everyone talking about it. Both my parents and in-laws always emphasize behaviour so that we are in the good books of the society.I feel all this is wrong, who are we to judge our fellow human beings, is it not best to leave the judgement part to the individual.
    When we begin to accept people as they are and embrace the differences among us, we will not have many of the turmoil present in today's world.This is my humble opinion.Guys what is your opinion about this,thanks.

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