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Beauty Tips From Your Kitchen

Discussion in 'Face & Skin Care' started by sjayalakshmi, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. sjayalakshmi

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    Today we are going to talk about some simple ingredients that you can get from your kitchen and you can use all of them without getting any kind of side effects so, shall we?Beauty Tips From Your Kitchen1


    Honey is a natural moisturizer and natural antiseptic and antifungal and it provide your body the healthy moisturizer and at the same time it can deal with your infections and all kin of skin issues and if you have acne, pimple and all kind of ugly skin issue and you just need apply some honey and you face and you will get beautiful younger looking moisturized and healthy looking skin.Beauty Tips From Your Kitchen2

    Gram flour

    Gram flour is something that can make your skin clean and beautiful and it is famous to clean your skin deep down and make your skin look smooth and beautiful and you can use it to exfoliate the skin too and you can use alone or you can use it with yogurt, lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric to make your skin feel and look flawless and transparent and you can even replace it with face wash and you will look beautiful naturally.


    Eggs are the best thing that you can use to repair your skin tissues and eggs are the best thing that you can use to get the insistent shine and glow and you can use it to get tight skin and tight and you can get almost all of that buy just applying the egg whites directly onto your skin and if you want to repair your soggy skin then you can use whole egg on your face and wash your face with chilled water, and if you have fine lines then you can mix it with lime juice and apply on your face and you will look absolutely beautiful.
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  2. springsnb

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    Raw milk can be used as clenser. simply apply milk with cotton on your face ,when it is dry rinse out.
  3. latamurali

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    Yes, i too used to CLEANSE my FACE with raw milk......everyday, when i boil milk early morning , i used to take little and apply it in my face and leave it to rest for 5-10mts.....and will wash with clean water......iam sure, your face will glow.....

    and, after cleansing, you can put SCRUB......home made....apply Rice flour mixed with sour curd or Gram flour mixed with sour curd and with pinch of turmeric ....leave it till its get dry and massage / scrub slighlty and wash off...

    Next step after scrub....dont fail to put TONER......natural toners are .....tomato juice / rose water / ice cube...
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