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Beauty Is As Beauty Does!

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by twinsmom, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. twinsmom

    twinsmom Silver IL'ite

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    Though the common adage is Handsome is as handsome does… my title is not uncommon… It doesn’t mean that what the beautiful folks do will always be beautiful… au contraire it means, if what you do is beautiful, it makes you beautiful!
    What if you are beautiful and what you do is beautiful? Rare combination…. But special…

    …like my friend Shubha. Shubha, the auspicious… Shubha the epitome of class… Shubha the one with a mammoth heart inside her ‘well built’ self… er… that is a euphemism…but I feel Shubha has been specially built well because she has an extraordinarily large heart and so needs a matching frame to hold it.

    I met Shubhasree Mohanty about three to four months after I joined a school in Sharjah. The first thing I noticed about her was her beautiful and expressive eyes…They seemed to have a life of their own… and sparkled with humour. And that humour- most of the times aimed at herself – bound me irrevocably to her.
    Like I said earlier I am normally kind of reticent when I meet new- comers and strangers. I don’t really know when and how I got drawn to Shubha and when she wove the web of friendship… I don’t remember her saying ‘Will you step into my parlour?’… I think of my own volition I strayed into her net and got caught in that warm and comfortable world of laughter, compassion and understanding.

    As colleagues, we rocked… Teaching English was fun… and our camaraderie was symbiotic to our evolution as teachers. There was never any professional envy or one-upmanship between us… we just stepped in and helped out each other… We formed a coterie of teachers who brought the ceiling of the staffroom down with our jokes and laughter… and food!

    Shubs ( as I call her) is a fantastic cook… and she, like my other friend Raj, used to bring the yummiest snacks to be hogged during the break. Whereas I cooked to survive… she cooked to tantalize the eyes and the palate… She would offer her services, her advice and her valuable knick-knacks to the Home Science students for cookery contests and be so pleased for them when they won prizes. Her flair for aesthetic presentation is legendary. Her home is a beautiful blend of colours and curios – a visual treat!

    Shubs, I feel is her better half’s better half! Sujit, is darned lucky to have her for spouse. For, Shubs extends the maximum support for him when he undergoes in-house training sessions and does part time courses and is busy for months together studying. She manages the home, the kids, him… without batting those beautiful eyelids of hers!

    Shubs is a fantastic mom. She quit the job when she found that her girls needed her more… Of course, all those girls of hers at school felt sad on losing her… but somewhere one had to prioritize and Shubs chose her family over her career. She takes as much pleasure in driving her kids for their tennis classes and music lessons as she does for throwing parties for her family friends…She has thrown more parties at home than what all of us put together have. Once,I remembered her telling me that she had been dancing till 2 or 3 in the morning and yet, turned up chirpy as usual at school…

    Perfectionist. That is what she is. Whatever she does, she does it beautifully…and whole heartedly… and naturally, perfectly! I remember a few months back we decided to call in on Raj on her birthday and she packed a lot of stuff on the way so that we could sinfully indulge ourselves…. That is another thing about her that I love. Once in a while we three get together have a women’s day out… We yak, yak, yak and laugh and giggle and yak yak and yak…till it is time for kids to return from school… then like guilty cinderellas, we rush home before our little rats and pumpkins turn up from school!

    Shubhs is very artistic. In fact, when I saw her handwriting for the first time I was gob-smacked. Her letters look perfect…even when she chats, she prefers italic Lucida sans Unicode or a Monotype Corsiva…whereas I stick to my Times New Roman… and she is a good artist… she would create the best of charts, using vibrant colours and that highly creative head of hers. She and Raj would often fight for the title in inter class contests… while I never bothered to waste my energy on charts!

    More than anything else, what I like about her is her ‘down-to- earth-ness’. She never minds saying she doesn’t know something or that she needs help. Ego never comes between us when it comes to sharing knowledge. If she doesn’t know something she’d just call me and say, Vij, I don’t know this. Help me. And we work it out together… This positive attitude in her is quite enviable… though I feel sometimes she’s rather naïve to think that I can solve all her doubts… she has such faith in me…

    She loves my writing… and in spite of her busy schedule, reads my work and always has a word of appreciation for me. Her two daughters are growing up to be as versatile as their mother….though little Simran is quite an imp… Simi’s escapades are hilarious especially when recounted by her mother who has an incorrigible sense of humour… Meher on the other hand is growing up to be quite a young lady... talented and focussed... like Mamma.

    Today, Shubha is celebrating her birthday… Her husband has flown back from <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:smarttags" /><st1:country-region><st1:place>India</st1:place></st1:country-region> where he had gone on some personal commitment… Today is a Friday and we can not get together and celebrate. So I called her in the morning and took a rain-check on our celebrations… She told me she has been busy… Me too, I said. That is it… No reproach that we haven’t called each other… and that I am calling at an inconvenient moment…after ages! When one is comfortable in a friendship, one doesn’t bother about pretentiousness…or formalities… We just told each other that we’ll meet once we are free. And we will.

    Till then, this blog is my birthday dedication to her… to friend who doesn’t expect too much… one who is there for me if and when I need her… one who can make me giggle and enjoy with abandon the icing on the cake called friendship! Happy Birthday, Shubs… May God Bless you with a long life for I need you in my life!

  2. aquamarine

    aquamarine Senior IL'ite

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    "If instead of a Gem or even a Flower,
    we would cast the Gift of a lovely thought
    into the heart of a Friend
    that would be giving as the angels give"

    says George MacDonald.

    A lovely tribute to a friend. Lucky is she to have a friend such as you viju.

  3. Anandchitra

    Anandchitra IL Hall of Fame

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    Very nicely written about your special friend. I cannot agree with you more about no formalities in friendship. Gods grace i have a few and always think the same. Thank you for sharing.
  4. SoaringSpirit

    SoaringSpirit Silver IL'ite

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    Twinsmom, my birthday wishes to your dear Shubha.

    As always, very nicely written. The write-up brings out the abundant warmth that exists in your friendship.

    Yes, such friends are a rarity and so, must be preserved with all that we have. In fact, even preserving them does not take much work! They are so easy in this department too! :)

    Reminded me of my own few friends who fall in this league. For me too close friends symbolize the feeling "I can be myself ". To me this is one of the biggest luxuries in life.

  5. ansh12

    ansh12 Bronze IL'ite

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    Hi Twinsmom

    Belated happy b'day to your friend. I have read almost all of yours post, but always refrained from postinga reply as I was too mesmerised by your writing ability. I don't have as good expressing power and as good vocabulary as you have.I run out of words to appreciate such a beautiful post.

    But, this time I mustered enough courage to post a reply. Both of you are equally blessed to have each-other,as I believe goodness is a two way traffic, to realise someone else's goodness, one should be good oneself. A good person sees positive, whereas, a negative person always see bad things about others.

    Do I need to say goodness begets goodness,as love begets love

    hats off to your friendship:hatsoff


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