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BAY AREA : Sona masoori stock in indian store

Discussion in 'Shopping/Restaurants in Bay Area' started by Cindhuja, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Cindhuja

    Cindhuja Gold IL'ite

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    Hi bay area members,

    We wud hav cum across various discussions abt the bann statement for rice varities and wheat......

    Just cal'd up namaste plaza (indian store in belmont,CA).....They said tat sona masoori rice and wheat alone has been banned in US...it does not apply for any other rice varities like idli rice or basmati.....Currently namaste plaza has enof of stock, so people rush up to pik those stuffs.....The store is not aware abt the intention or the tenure for this rule...better we grab soon ....

    For enquiries contact :


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