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Basic info before reaching Dallas, Texas?

Discussion in 'Indians in Dallas' started by Karthema, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. Karthema

    Karthema Junior IL'ite

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    this is hema from chennai.. coming to dallas with my DH & 45 days old baby in the end of this month.... I would need your valuable suggestions on the below

    1. What is the common weather condition there?
    2. What are the basic(all) items that we should carry if we are planning to stay there for 2+years?
    3. Will we be able to find Indian shops near by to get indian gerocery items?
    4. Will we be able to find an apartment near by the office("Isis mobile commerce, 13455 Noel Rd Tower 2, Ste 700, Dallas, TX 75240 ")?
    5. What would be the average rent?
    6. Does it wise to directly book an apartment without staying long time in the hotel?
    7. What about the public transport? Because, we don't plan to buy/lease a car.
    8. will we able to book a pead in advance to handle bbby's health issues due to long travei(jetlag)?
    9. Suggest me a good hotel to stay for initial period?

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