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Baby Kicks During Pregnancy

Discussion in 'Pregnancy & Labor' started by Janakinarne, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. Janakinarne

    Janakinarne Silver IL'ite

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    Hi momies,I have a doubt regarding baby kicks , mostly every one felt as me during there pregnancy,plz give ur suggestions and share ur exp here,thank u
    Am right now in 29 th week of pregnancy (28weeks 5days) from 18th week to still 24th week I felt baby kicks very often and it's noticeable, during my 25th week it's very less and again 26,27th week it's good,when I enter into 28th week am feeling very less moments and mostly during day time am not feeling movements,but in the night time I can feel which not like this before, before even the day time als I felt baby kicks most often,
    Yesterday went for the growth scan and doc said everything is fine and baby weight als in range,when I asked about this moments doc did the scan again and checked for the moves ,she said baby is actively moving inside even I felt the moments at that time,
    Even my plesenta is posterior and amniotic fluid is als in range ,it's around 12.6, even though am unable to feel the baby moves more often ,
    Even after meals or juices als not feeling much which making me more tense these days,
    But waiting all the day for moments makes me dull,
    Did any one gone through this situation and how did u handle this,am going more and more tense everyday, ofcource I know my baby will be fine in the womb but my mind going to negative thoughts and bringing my power down,
    How to handle this,is it common??
    Even I tried by going for walks and having something like orange juice but not useful,
    And als I have a doubt ,can I gently press on baby bump so that baby will move back if he is there,when I asked this yesterday scan doc said y u have to do , just keep a hand on tummy and observe,but just a small kick back makes me relief from my tension,
    Plz share ur exp regarding this,thank u

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