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Ayurvedic Jasmine Hair Oil

Discussion in 'Hair Care & Hair Styles' started by virtualkv2020, Dec 1, 2018.

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    Jasmine is known for its exotic fragrance.Indian women are very found of using them to braid their hair.It is widely used since ancient times in Ayurvedic beauty treatments.Dandruff and lice are prevented by using Jasmine to braid hair.Here is a simple ancient hair oil recipe that does wonders to the hair.

    Ayurvedic Jasmine hair oil

    Soak fresh Jasmine flowers in pure coconut oil in a glass jar and keep in a dark place for a few days, strain and store.Using this hair oil regularly nourishes the hair,reduces hair fall,prevents premature greying,resulting in thick hair growth.Those with premature grey hair can use this oil to arrest further greying and gradually darkens the greyed hair.

    Note - Jasmine essential oil is also used in several natural beauty treatments.Beware of several hair oils that are being marketed using mineral oil and synthetic Jasmine perfume.
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