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Ashland, MA

Discussion in 'Indians in Westborough' started by eternalindia, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. eternalindia

    eternalindia Junior IL'ite

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    Does anyone here live in Ashland, MA? I am seriously thinking of relocating here. I know the wonderful Ashland temple is there, and the highschool seems decent, along with nearby markets (I don't mind if I need to travel to Framingham to buy a few things). The houses I looked at also seem reasonably priced and nicely designed.

    I need to know :
    -what do you think of Ashland the town?
    -how is it to raise a family there? Being Indian, is there a good offering of an Indian community there, meeting new Indians?
    -how is crime rate, is it a safe city?
    -How are the schools? The highschool rating is 9/10 but the middle and elementary schools are either 7/10 or 8/10. Why are these low? I need someone who has put their children through the ashland school system to provide me information about the schools and what the school environment is like?

    Any other information is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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