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Are women today willingly accepting the changes happening in the society?

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by sumee, Mar 8, 2013.

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    I am confused.On one hand we see women of today taking bold strides and achieving their goal successfully,on the other hand we also read how a section of women are still holding on to age old traditions and customs refusing to change with times. I am not against customs and rituals,but I feel in today's changing society a number of our traditions don't fit in.
    I can understand their fear.If I take the example of India it is a country seeped in customs and rituals,where even today rituals and customs are followed blindly,but the good thing is with changes of time the younger generation are questioning them,wanting to know the significance of the custom,especially girls because they feel bogged by the restrictions imposed on them. I welcome this because when I was young I did not have the guts to question my parents. Unfortunately This questioning is not looked upon favorably by some who don't like being questioned about the why's and how's of a ritual.these are women who are not willing to change with times. I am including women because they also equally hardliners like the men for a number of age old traditions. So I wonder how much % of women are there willing to change themselves to keep pace with the changes happening around us?
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