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Applying OCI-need help

Discussion in 'Immigration Matters' started by Shamala, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Shamala

    Shamala New IL'ite

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    I am applying for OCI and my jurisdiction is Houston, TX. They are not clear as far as what documents needed and after calling them, it was even more confusing. I would like to if anybody applied for OCI at Houston.
    If you did, I would like to know:
    1. how many photographs we need to send?
    2. Do we need to send additional fee with self addressed envelope?
    These are not clear to us from their web site.


  2. Vandhana

    Vandhana Silver IL'ite

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    Hi Shamala,

    I got this done through the SFO consulate about 3 years back. It is pretty straight forward.

    The directions given are very clear. Here is the link:

    Embassy of India - Washington DC

    but to answer your question:
    1. We sent 4 passport photos totally. ( one was glued to the application, the remaining sent in a separate plastic cover , each set attached to the specific persons application)
    2. The Fees is 275 per person ( so for a family of four it will be 275 * 4 plus an addtional 25 dollars for the return mailing charges) all to be made as one Cashiers cheque.
    3.Do send the self addressed envelope. but no need to stamp it since you are enclosing the return mailing charges.
    4. Once you get your applications ready for your whole family, do write a typed letter to the officer indicating all that you are enclosing in the application packet .
    a. names of all the applicants( include the US passport number and the OCi registraion number)
    b. Cashiers cheque amount( specify here that you have added the return mailing charges)
    c. Self addressed envelope for mailing back the passport at a later point in time once your OCi is processed and then you send your passports to be stamped.

    i think i still have a copy of the letter we sent . I can mail you the same if you can Private message your email id to me.
    Hope this helps a little.
    On the whole we had a really easy process. They updated the status of our applications very regularly, and then as stated by them, we got our OCI in 10 weeks.

    Good luck.
  3. ChinnuZ

    ChinnuZ New IL'ite

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    I have recently applied for the OCI card at New York. The instruction is very clear but I can explain it.

    First, you have to do the online registration.

    Ministry of Home Affairs - Overseas Citizenship of India

    There you do the part A and when you print, it automatically prints Part B. Part B, you have to fill it up.

    You need exactly 2 copies of everything.

    Photo is glued to the given space of the application form. Since you have to send 2 copies, you need 2 photos.

    you need to send copies(2) of US passport or US birth certificate(2). Also copies of your last Indian Passport (2). All copies have to be notorized.

    Do not send the original passport yet.

    You have to enclose the application fee of $275 for each applicant. They do not accept personal cheque. I got the money order from post office.

    Then send all these in a certified or registered mail. Keep a copy for your record.

    couple of weeks later, you can check the status of your application online. Once it is ready, you can go to the consulate with the US passport or you can send the passport with $20 for return mail service and it will take only couple of weeks to get the passport back.

    If you need further help, check out the following link.

    India Consulate New York, USA Indian Visa Passport information..

    Hope it helps. Best of luck.


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