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Anyone Moved From Usa To Toronto?

Discussion in 'Indians in Toronto & vicinity' started by gknew, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. gknew

    gknew Gold IL'ite

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    Need some help from ILs. We are currently in USA. Dh got a job transfer option to Canada. It's a local transfer within the company. He works for a product based company.
    I don't know anyone in Canada. He wants to move to Canada. The reason which he have was,
    - Visa issues here in usa. We are on h1b visa and our visa is valid till next September. We can apply for extension. We have i140 approved recently. But it takes 20 years to get the green card. So my dh says, he don't want to wait 20yrs to see if we get green card or not. My son is in second grade and dh is concerned about his education. If we have to go back to India in the middle of his education, dh feels how the kid will be adjusted to the educational system in India. In case if we wait for 15years for green card and it got rejected that time, how the kid will continue college in India if he did school in usa. We can't afford as an international student in the usa for his college. So it will be tough to move back to India that time.
    This is the dh question and concern.

    So, he wanted to move to Canada and try PR there. He don't want to wait few more years till our visas are extending here. He says , it will be difficult to move to another country in 40s. With IELTS score and everything.
    He is in late 30s now.

    I am looking for some inputs from anyone who moved to Canada from the USA.

    How was your experience?
    How do you feel moving to Canada? Will you recommend to move to Canada?
    We might move to Toronto. So, anyone from there?
    How is education system and living in Canada?
    How is your social life?
    How about weather? I am only concerned about weather..I am in Atlanta now. I am ok with this weather. We don't have snow. It's sunny here for 8 months. I am not very good with cold climate. I have some sinus issues and the winter in Atlanta was little difficult earlier and now I am used to it. I heard weather is the only drawback in Canada. So, I am saying no to my husband for moving to Canada considering the weather.

    How about healthcare?

    Any inputs anyone?

    Thank you
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  2. Hopikrishnan

    Hopikrishnan Gold IL'ite

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    You and your dH are so lucky to get this opportunity. I would highly recommend it. Although I do not have myown experience on the matter, I know a close relative who has.

    My sister married a college classmate from India (on F-1 visa). After OJT visa extension, BiL got a job in London, Ont (a little west of Toronto), and moved. She followed a year later. They stayed in Canada for some years and both got PR, learnt to sing O'Canada, and got Citizenship. 2 Children born in Canada -- excellent and cheap healthcare !! When children are in elementary school, they moved to California (sister sponsored BiL) because both of them got job offers with much money.

    After the recent big fires, and orange skies, they are thinking of moving back to retire in Canada. One has already taken VRS from her company, the other is thinking about quitting. Their two children have left home, living independently (CA, TX) not married yet.

    As for winters, you said the key statement "and now I am used to it." Urban living in Toronto is not as bad as living in the western provinces. Cities are always warmer than rural areas. Here is some help for you: Everything You Need to Avoid Getting Sick This Winter, According to Doctors
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