Anyone Have Experience With "the Secret"

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    "As you sow, so you reap" (Yad Bhavam Tat Bhavathi) is a doctrine used in the Hindu philosophy a lot as well. It is not about what we encountered in our lives but what we can expect to encounter if we have thinking which is not righteous. Often, it is misunderstood. The pain encountered by the body heals much faster than the pain encountered by the mind. The hope about the future and the healing process helps one to forget the past and move on.

    Take for example, orphaned children. Their life starts with no parental support and at best they could be institutionalized. They didn't have any thoughts to encounter that situation. It is a circumstance that they encountered. If they are blessed, they could be adopted by another parents that could guide them well into the future. If a child is born differently-abled, they had no thought before and how can it be the outcome of their thoughts. It is wrong to assume that thoughts results in what we encounter. It is how we feel when we face challenges in life that makes the quality of life better. Positivity in thinking begets positivity in mental skills and positivity in actions. The actions bring fruits based on how righteous they are.
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