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Anyone Did Varicose Veins Treatment Before? How Was The Experience?

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by gknew, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. gknew

    gknew Gold IL'ite

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    I just had a consultation with a vein specialist today to discuss about my Varicose veins treatment for right leg.
    They did an ultrasound and gave me the treatment plans.
    The large superficial veins are going to be done through Endovenous thermal ablation(ETA) and medium ones using injections.
    I don't know anything about ETA and I don't know anyone in my friends or family who did this treatment before.
    I read something called laser Ablation. But there nurse told me that they do only Radio frequency Ablation (ETA) in their clinic. I really don't know the difference and side effects from both the treatments.
    I am very nervous and scared about this procedure.
    Another thing is, I have Bulgy varicose veins in my right leg. They also saying that I have large superficial veins reflux in my left leg too and they want me to do ETA for left leg too. That was mentioned in the treatment plan.i.e ETA for both the legs. So, I am not sure if they are right. I don't have any issues in my left leg now. Only the right leg have some pain, cramping feel because of the Bulgy varicose veins.
    Is that normal that without any visual symptoms, they see the veins reflux in the scan and do the ablation? Because I don't have any issues in my left leg.

    I am currently living in USA. So, I don't know about the treatments and procedures here. So, I am little worried about how to proceed with.

    Anyone who did Endovenous thermal ablation before, can you please share about your experience.

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