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Any ideas? Food with less spice, oil and picky vegetables for gall stone patient

Discussion in 'Recipe Central' started by aamini, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. aamini

    aamini Bronze IL'ite

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    Hi All:
    I am facing big problem these days. I used to cook well and much interested before. Before marriage whatever i tried came out well and all my cousins used to praise me. I got married to Malayali (i am tamilian), so learnt their cooking slowly for 1 year or so..then after delivery we got cook at home from his native. I was also busy with my baby and lost touch with cooking. When I do something in between sometimes i will mess it up but many a times it was good only. But somehow my husband lost interest in home food (mine and maid's). He also had gall stones and cannot take spicey,oily food also. he needs bland but tasty food. He always complaints that his mom will feed him better or eat like one punishment. Sometimes he dont even touch the curry and eat rice with just papad and go. He is very picky eater in veg. Most of the days he will be on fasting so will not eat non-veg also.

    He only like raw banana, tuber variety-yam and stuff except potato and cabbage. for any other vegetables he makes faces. I need to keep gravy and also dry side dish with this limited choice. He dont like tomatoes and tamrind taste also. He dont want dal as he gets gas. I am going mad and also lost interest in cooking completely. I should use only above veggies and make dishes (gravy and dry) with less masala, oil and no tomatoes.

    He feels I am not caring and he is not talking with me only. He is very conservative person who thinks wife's first work is to cook food for husband. And now as I am super busy with work and get hardly sometime with kid I am leaving cooking to my cook and being with my kid. He is also extremely busy and he comes home only for eating (15 minutes) and for sleeping (he comes only after 12 or 1 at night). May be that is also the reason he cannot eat nicely and cannot digest easily and have as problem always.

    He is just living with me for cause and no love. I want him to love me again...

    So please any tip will help me. Preferably kerala style.

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