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Any Experience With Orthovisc Knee Injections

Discussion in 'Health Issues' started by SuiDhaaga, Aug 1, 2022.

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    Patient is near 80

    Has advanced osteoarthritis on left knee

    Was approved for:
    Orthovisc 30mg per two milliliters
    One shot per week for four weeks
    Shot to the left knee

    When I go to WebMd some people say
    - knee was swollen to size if basketball - had to go to ER
    - after few shots they can no longer walk

    Places like WebMD, Mayoclinic show this shot is full of promise

    But people share their own experiences

    Please share your experiences and what precautions you woukd have taken

    Patient is looking for new knee Dr. The office is quite short staffed (lot of former patients said the same) and sometimes short tempered.

    Not trying to second guess Medical Doctors but Patient is quite concerned. He wants to do this before TAVR for heart aortic stenosis

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