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    Hi friends
    Year end holidays has started, please share any activities or shows or something to engage kids.
    Iam sharing few happenings, i think u may know this
    1.In city square mall there is alots of fun for kids like snow fall, photo with the chugging ton trains and xmas tree etc.
    2. In united square shopping mall also in dec there is a lots of fun for kids. Pingu ,barney,fireman,bob the builder r coming.
    3. In suntec city also on 30 nov -2dec some ollie show is there organised by okto.
    For full details of all the above programmes u can log on to there website.
    In community centres also there are many programmes for kids
    Any other programmes moms?

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    I use to engage my kids inf different activities like
    1) Blocks
    2) Puzzles (knobbed mainly)
    3) scooping/pouring exercises (started small with bigger scoops n bigger beans, water)
    4) threading blocks
    5) pretend play with toys/kitchen set
    6) Toobs animal sets
    7) Paintings
    8) coloring pages

    from the above list of activities he love to do paintings, coloring pages and building blocks. Once he complete doing any paintings or coloring pages i make the frame of those and decorate those in his room. I use to download the pages from different sites recently i have downloaded penguin coloring pages from momjunction site. Here is the link of the pages were i have downloaded.

    Top 20 Free Printable Penguin Coloring Pages Online
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