Anuja's mixed vegetable cutlet

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    This is a good recipe for kids rich in nutrients & will enjoy to eat something new each day.
    beetroot- medium sized 2
    potatoes- medium sized 2
    mutter- 100gms
    onions-finely chopped medium sized 2
    corriander - 2 to 3 tsp finely chopped
    green chillies- finely chopped 2(optional)
    cumin powder- 2 tsp
    breadcrumbs for rolling the cutlets
    cornflour -1tsp mixed with water
    salt - accordingly

    first cook beetroot ,potatoes & mutter seperately and drain the water after it cools.
    mash beetroot , potatoes & mutter adding oninos , greenchillies, corriander ,,cumin powder,salt and 4tsp of bread crumbs(add according to ur required consistency of the mix)-----mix well make to required sized - shapes dip in corn flour and roll in bread crumbs and deep fry them.
    serve mixed vegetable cutlets along with green chutney or tomato sauce.

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