Anjeer Halwa

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    Serves – 4
    Cooking Time – 30 minutes

    Dried figs 200 grams
    Ghee 3 tablespoons
    Almonds ½ cup
    Milk powder 1/3 cup
    Khoya – 100 gm
    Sugar 4 tbsp
    Cardamom powder ¼ tsp

    For garnish:
    Silver Varaq

    Preparation :
    Blanch, peel and powder ½ cup almonds.
    Cook the figs in boiling water for about 3 to 5 minutes. Drain and puree them in a food processor. Keep aside.
    Heat the ghee in a heavy-bottomed pan, add the powdered almonds and saute over a medium flame for about 2 minutes.
    Add the pureed figs, milk powder, khoya, sugar with ½ cup of water and cook for about 5 minutes till the sugar has dissolved, stirring continuously.
    Add the cardamom powder and mix well.
    Serve hot, garnished with slivered almonds.

    Tip: You can top leftover halwa with vanilla or butterscotch ice-cream

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