Ancient Ayurvedic Herb For Food Color

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    Its been years since I went completely organic.Replaced Nonstick,Plastic and Aluminium with Iron,Steel,Glass and Earthernware in my kitchen.I have also stopped using synthetic food colors,I tried using beet juice.I am now happy to come across Ratan jot.Alkanet root,known as Ratan Jot/Bhalchad, is a dried herb that is traditionally used to add color to Indian food.Kashmiri Pandits use Ratan Jot to add a pleasing red colour to their dishes. This spice was originally used in many much-loved Indian dishes such as Rogan Josh and Tandoori Chicken.

    Alkanet root is soluble in alcohol, ether and oils, but is insoluble in water. Therefore, fry approximately a tsp of Ratan Jot in 2-3 tbsp of warm oil (of course ghee is the best option for a superior flavor). When the liquid turns a deep red, strain it using a metal sieve, keeping the oil and discarding the Ratan Jot. This oil or ghee will turn your curries into a natural flaming red, without the heat of course!

    My local Indian store vendor wondered what it is when I asked if they carry Ratanjot.It is a herb that one rarely comes across now, after the advent of synthetic food colors. Along with Kashmiri chilies which are red and appear flaming hot in appearance but lack pungency, Ratan Jot provides many Kashmiri and Punjabi dishes their dashing good looks! The Byadgi chillies contributes a unique flavour and red color to Udipi style Sambar and is on the lower end of extra hot chilies.I finally found Ratanjot on Amazon. I am now super excited to try this herb for coloring my grilled chicken/fish and wanted to share with you all.
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