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An Aspie's Poem

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Jul 29, 2021.

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    I never grew up
    Nor was I ever a child
    I was never quiet
    I certainly wasn’t tender
    And mild

    Where did all the years go
    What did I do
    I never even enjoyed life
    I never visited the zoo

    So many people my age
    Had adventures
    And experiences
    Only my wildest dreams
    Can crave

    So many people my age
    Experiences the fruits
    And pleasures of life
    While I try to cut
    The cherry pit
    With my engraved
    Carving knife

    Where did the time pass
    Everyone rushes by fast
    It feels I am the last to know
    And it fills my heart with
    Deep sorrow

    Now we are reeling from lockdown
    Where everything was on pause
    Did I reflect
    Did I learn anything special
    That is worthy of an applause

    How will life be after lockdown
    Will things ever be the same
    Will people like me
    Will they understand
    We are merely different
    Not psychotically insane

    Beautiful Horse Strolls into the Sunset

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