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Always counting the curses never the blessings !

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by Sonu123, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Sonu123

    Sonu123 Silver IL'ite

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    Hi Friends,

    Well this post is just for all we normal Wife / DIL ... I mean even am like all normal DILs who is never happy with In-laws ...

    1. In laws always come in at the wrong time and spoil the vacation mood.
    2. MIL always criticizing for not doing the work so perfectly as her ...
    3. FIL all the time inquiring about ur finances ... savings and expenses...
    4. SIL /Co-sisters interfering between husband wife talks ... playing games and trying to win place in hubby's heart ...

    And like normal wife :) never happy with hubby's way of expressing luv ...

    1. never appreciating my hard efforts in trying out something new for him .. though it doesnt turns out well .. atleast appreciate toh karo yaar ! :D
    2. Not so romantic ...
    3. Kanjus makhichus :p Well at times .. trying to save even 1 dollar :p
    4. Never supportive enuf to confront the in laws when they are at wrong !

    Oh and we bechari gals .. we do so much of sacrifice isnt it :( Well well its all true yaar ... i agree ... all this happens to me ... once in a while yes ... but today while i was not feeling well .... Wow !! i was amazed to see my husbands luv for me ... the way he did today was simply amazing... well though i dint share with him my reason for being low or sad .... but he still understood and made my day ....i was amazed ... an sooo happy ...

    And tonight while he is sleeping .. i am just thinking of all those ways he has actually made my life beautiful :) :)

    1. When i have a head ache .. no matter how tired he is ... he will give me a massage .. he will apply balm and press my head so that i feel relieved ...

    2. I have less calcium in my body according to doctors ..he takes care of me ... making me compulsorily drink milk .. be it any form ... at nights when am tired are not feeling to he gets up and makes milk shake for me. ... i mean how many do .. or am i not lucky to have found one of those few good hubby's ? :)

    3. In bed ... also he is so gentle to me .. so that i dont feel much pain .. he waits until i am satisfied ... so that i should not feel left out that he got the pleasure what abt me ... i mean i never thought about this the way am thinking today ... after reading few of the posts here in IL where ladies are sometimes just not happy ... either hubby doesnt care for their emotion or is tooo wild :(

    4. inspite of his kanjus money minded nature .. he sometimes cares for me ... i mean the way he is .. he hasnt spent dollars to buy him a shoe .. but on wednesday whn i like a top a simple white top at a local store he was ready to spend 40 dollar on me .. ofcourse i dint buy it :) But i was soo pleased :) Getting me flowers and ballons ... chahe woh aapne office ki party se hi uthaye hue ho .. atleast he thought of my wishes !!!!

    5. He doesnt fights for me with in laws .. but has given me the total liberty to reply back if something hurts my self esteem ... i mean how many hubby's actually do this ... again a week back my new friend out here in USA was telling me ... her hubby is good .. but has clearly stated u have to respect my mom no matter what !! Atleast i dont have that boundation ...

    6. listens to all my **** crap when am angry ... i know its my fault .. whn am angry with my co-sister i just tell him all the feelings .. she is #$#$^%$ ... she is trying to do this ... blah blah .... if am not in mood i just tell him i will not talk to in laws say am sleepin ....what a 2$@#$ !!!! Yesterday he got a bit angry n told me .. dear am listening to all this .. just think will any other hubby actually listen to all this ...n i was like ....NOREPLIES ... so true i mean i was misbehaving .. n he still is with me ...

    Well sorry for such a long and compeletly personal experience post .. but all i wanted to say was ... we always are sad for things we dont have ... me that i dont have ekdum modern acche in laws .. i have a bitchy co-sister ... but darling i have this amazing person in lyf who luvs me ... and his my better half ..why not be happy with him haina !!!

    So all my friends here at IL just be happy da ... happy with what good lyf has given us ... HAPPY WITH OUR HUBBY DARLINGS .... N LUV THEM A LOT.... :) :)

    P.S - god knows how long is this goody goody feeling of mine gonna last ... but never the less i know deep down my heart its permanent :)

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  2. cutemonster

    cutemonster Platinum IL'ite

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    good for u that u realised it !!
    why not tell it to him that how much u value having him in ur life , it would be better !!
    I am sure what all u wrote here, if u tell him , he will be very happy!!
    sharing on IL and telling everyone to be happy....... well everyone's life is different!!!
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  3. riyagan

    riyagan Gold IL'ite

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    good post sonu123.. my hubby and inlaws are same u ve mentioned in ur post...but ur post once again remind me that life is not that bad after all.
  4. GMReddy

    GMReddy Silver IL'ite

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    life gives both happiness and sorrow, one should learn to receive them and handle them with equanimity...

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