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Allergic to Oils and Food

Discussion in 'Infants' started by Pravallika, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Pravallika

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    Dear All,
    This is pravallika.

    We are blessed with 2 kids(boys) and first one is 4 years and second is 6 months.
    From past one month i found my second child is getting allergy (red rashes on his skin).I monitored very closely for the items he is allergic and found that for the Oils(coconut,almond,gohnson baby oil) used for his massage are causing allergy. Also, i observed that when food items like Infant formula Soya protein, Nestle Rice & Honey,Brown rice and Henz food items like Egg Custord are also causing allergy. Now iam trying to cut down all the foods that are causing the allergy and relying on very few food items. But am really very much worried for how long i have do like this and will it be there for for his entier life. We took him to doctor for couple of times but doc did mention not to worry. Freinds, i really appreciate if any one have similar experience and how you had resolved it. Pls provide me some suggestions / advises for my problem.

    Thank You..

  2. Aadhusmom

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    Hi Pravallika,
    I havent actually experienced what your son is going through (my son is 3 mnths) but as a pediatrician I can tell you that most of these allergies are unlikely to last into adulthood (Your doctor was quite right). Your son seems to be a bit young for honey and egg custard - eggs are not really recommended until after 1 year or atleast 8 mnths because of this allergy issue. Does he have lactose intolerance? Is that why you had to give soy formula? Are you breastfeeding? When and how did you start weaning? Sorry for the many questions but since he is only 6 mnths old and you have mentioned so many foods he is allergic to I was wondering. Anyway,you could probably stop the oil massage and cut out all his allergy-producing foods and restart them slowly one by one at atleast 2 week intervals after he is 8 months or so and see. Hope I was able to help.

    PS - One other thing - you can try home-made baby food instead of the commercial kind - far fewer allergy chances there.

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