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All Your Feelings Are Your Friends

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Jul 16, 2021.

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    Goodness Gracious Me
    You are so angry

    Early in the morning
    You clench you teeth
    Early in the morning
    You barely moved your feet

    What is wrong with you

    What can you do

    Don't feel ashamed
    You are not to be blamed
    Anger is a sign of something stirring
    Anger can be used to make change
    Else it is like a small animal, burrowing

    Feeling are your friend
    Anger is one of them
    Anger is a sign of something else
    Something you must do and achieve
    To help yourself

    Anger can move mountains
    Instead of reliving the memory
    Of being dunked in a
    Water fountain

    Anger can cure disease
    Horrible ailments
    That now afflict your enemies

    Anger is fuel
    To make the world a better place
    Even though no one
    Will welcome you in their space

    Anger is a tool
    That God gave you
    To do something great
    In your life
    So that you are
    No longer anyone's fool

    Anger embrace it
    Anger make space for it
    Anger what are you gonna do
    Anger who is gonna be
    There for you

    Anger teaches you
    To fight or take flight

    Anger reaches you
    In the morning
    After a long, restful night

    What are you waiting for
    Get up, channel your anger
    Take your time to explore!

    David and Goliath

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