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All that's a dream

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by rajkumarankar, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. rajkumarankar

    rajkumarankar Senior IL'ite

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    ''Hey baby, you look so beautiful today
    your words , your eyes and your lips are so amazing
    I just want to kiss you''
    And all that are in my mind that I cannot say to you

    Years gone but you still look like the same little girl
    Who is a 11 year old girl hugging a 9 year old guy(me)
    Years gone but I still feel like everything happened just yesterday
    After 13 years we met each other
    You are in a light pink dress staring at me
    I feel little shy and trying to hide from you
    It's your sister's marriage
    And every one of our friends enjoying wit their drinks

    I want to hug you and dance with you
    I dared myself and asked you
    ''Can you dance with me please?''
    Your smile with little shying face just making me mad
    You simply accepted
    I am just trying to touch your hand , it's so soft.
    Then you hugged me tightly and we started dancing
    Everybody stopped and just staring at us
    saying how beautiful couple they are
    And I am the happiest person in the world

    But that happiness remained me no longer
    She said , she need to go
    Left me free and alone there
    And I cannot control my emotions as I feel ,she is not going to come back
    My eyes filled with tears and only tears
    And how unlucky I am
    All that's a dream except the tears in my eyes
    All that's not happened and it's just my dream
    Which left me few million drops of tears my love.


  2. Arunarc

    Arunarc Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Those are beautiful wordings for your beloved Raj
    Even though it was just a dream your feelings were true for her, so you had tears in your eyes.

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