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All roads lead to BoopStucks

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by zipzipzoomzoom, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. zipzipzoomzoom

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    I was so encoraged that you enjoyed my story yesterday, here is another one:

    Aaaja Naachale
    O Aaaja Naachale

    Aaaja Naachale
    O Aaaja Naachale

    Gerald was in the center of the dance hall, getting down, doing Bhangra dance at his wife's relative's family function.

    Suddenly, Gerald woke up.

    Aaaja Naachale
    O Aaaja Naachale

    Aaaja Naachale
    O Aaaja Naachale

    The song continued to play out of his MP3 player which was set to go off at 5pm.

    "Good Morning, Sunshine", Gerald said as he placed his arm across the other side of his bed.

    But he felt the bed was empty.

    "Sweety...Sweety", he called suddenly coming out of his drowsiness.

    Gerald suddenly sat up in bed.

    Then he remembered the night before.

    His flight landed in a city from home, he checked into the hotel, and stayed up all night watching TV Asia.

    It certainly beat the 700 club which was always on TV as a child, growing up in the South.

    Gerald was flown cross country to teach a one week course at a conference in the hotel where he was staying

    "Sweety and Bubbly are probably sound asleep by now", Gerald thought as he smiled while getting ready.

    He picked up his Blackberry which had a wall paper of Sweety in the maternity ward, holding Bubbly in her arms.

    "Jesus, this is why I wake up", Gerald said to himself.

    Gerald checked his emails from his Blackberry and the meeting organizer said that his part of the conference would be delayed for several hours.

    Gerald was somewhat relieved.

    It had been several years since Gerald had to get in front of a crowd and speak, and he had stage fright.

    A picture of his wife and infant daughter gave him all the courage he needed.

    Gerald met Sweety by accident. There was absolutely no way these two people from different social standing, different cultures, different types of professions would ever meet, date, and marry.

    But it was the hand of God.

    Every day at around 10am, Gerald and his colleagues would wait in line at BoopStucks to grab coffee and go. Gerald would always look for that shy, pretty girl working on her computer.

    Sure, Gerald knew how to talk to girls, but he wasn't sure how to approach a shy, foreign, and seemingly overprotected girl.:hide:

    Every morning, Gerald would look forward to going to BoopStucks, just to see whether that pretty girl was there. :coffee

    Months passed, and years passed, then one day, the pretty girl accidently spilled his coffee on him.

    And he SCREAMED because that hot coffee hurt like HELL.

    But it was the beginning of a bittersweet courtship....

    Gerald's parent's wanted him to marry a good Christian girl from the South.

    Sweety's parents wanted her to marry a good Sikh boy from the North.

    But no matter what happened, God wanted Gerald and Sweety to be together forever.

    Suddenly, Gerald's Blackberry rang. It was Sweety.

    "Hey Giraffe", Sweety affectionately called Gerald. At 6'5", he towered over her.

    "Conference got delayed", Gerald told her.

    "Mom wants to take Bubbly to the zoo and insists I have some "mommy time". If you're not busy, how about we go on a date before your conference? A Blackberry date", suggested Sweety.

    "Great, you pick the place", Gerald replied.

    "Well, where did you first scream with joy?", asked Sweety.

    "When Bubbly was born", replied Gerald.

    "Before that.....", prompted Sweety.

    "Of course, let us turn on our Blackberries, and meet at BoopStuck at 10am like the old days!", replied Gerald.

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    hai Z,

    A very tasty coffee story rich in aroma . Nice dear. LOVE is always long lasting and follow like anything in life.
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