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All about viswa Guruji

Discussion in 'Indians in Nashville' started by Gauri23, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Gauri23

    Gauri23 New IL'ite

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    Hello all,
    i have started this new thread for all the genuine information about Viswa Guruji
    please pour your thoughts, experiences about him, pls share his consultation charges, so that new people can get true information about him,
    i have consulted him, and doing the pariharams which he has suggested but the fees and puja charges are quiet high though I have paid them(prediction is 10k - and pariharams for my kundali is 1lakh and 20k)for pariharams I m paying by instalment but since I went purely by Indusladies reviews I m always thinking in the back of my mind,whether is he is genuine or not?
    So many are asking more about him but others who have consulted says only subjectively,like how good and worthy he is but nobody revels their charges,how long did it take to do puja for me he said 3/4 months
    so ladies kindly pls help each other by posting all the information about him and experiences, fees etc.
    Also pls don't start any new astrological topic out of this same thread, it misleads others as it happened earlier, the topic name is about Guruji but later many have posted their own astrological doughts and some one was answering so pls pls keep this thread only all about Vishvwa Guruji..
    Your help will be much appreciated!!

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