Alert - China warns of Valentine's Day computer viruses‏

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    Tianjin: China's anti-virus authorities have warned computer users to guard against Valentine's Day computer viruses.

    Valentine's Day computer viruses especially "Vbs_Valentin.A" spread chiefly through e-mails or online chat systems such as MSN and QQ, the experts from Tianjin-based China National Computer Virus Emergency Response Centre warned.

    Other viruses like "Worm-blebla.B" and "VBS-ILoveyou" infect computers if users open e-mails or attachments disguised as Valentine's Day greetings.

    The centre has warned users to be wary of unidentified e-mails, especially those with Spanish characters.

    It also alerted Internet shoppers to not click on bogus discount messages from online stores, which may be used to spread viruses.

    Experts further suggested computer users to update their anti-virus software and use real-time computer virus monitoring when surfing the Internet.

    Source: Indo-Asian News Service

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