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Akshaya Tritiya-sarvam Swarna Mayam

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jayasala42, Apr 29, 2022.

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    Akshaya Tritiya is the Shukla paksha Tritiya of
    the Chaitra month.It falls on 3rd May.
    It is stated that the benefits of
    Charities given on the day rise multifold.
    Akshaya Tritiya is stated to be

    1. The birth day of Lord Parasurama

    2.The day on which river Ganga arrived at the earth .

    3.The day on which Tretayuga commenced.

    4. The day on which the poor Sudhama was transformed
    into a rich man by Lord Krishna.

    5.The day on which Vyasa started writing the epic Mahabharata!

    6.The day on which the Sun gave akshayapatram
    to the Pandavas.

    7.The day on which Adi Shankara composed
    Kanakadara Stavam.!

    8.The day Lord Kubera retrieved all his lost wealth

    and so on
    Akshaya Tritiya had been there in the annals of the ritualistic and the religious since long.But the holy intention of giving charity has metamorphosed into a novel idea of 'gifting oneself' with more awards very recently for the past 30-35 years.What a noble vision!!

    Gold captured their attention because Indians are crazy
    about the glitter of the yellow metal.
    Man's craving for gold has a mesmerizing effect on
    everybody at home.

    When we give Kanyaa daanam, why do we say "Kanyakaam Kanaka Sampannaam"? Are not her gunaas more important than "kanaka"?The word 'Sampnna' means 'along with' .It need not be as in Jewellery advt.Even a small chain and a pair of
    • studs may qualify for'sampannaa'
      In those days of grandmas when sovereign
      was sold at Rs 13 ( during my eldest sister's marriage in 1939).
      Upto 1968 it was well within Rs 100 only. ) Now we need not do kanyadaanam with the word' Kanaka Sampannaam'as she herself is worth more than gold earning nearly Rs50,000 a month.
      Let the matter remain whether she can buy a sovereign with her month's salary.
      Perhaps the kanyadana mantra may be changed as
      'Kanakopamaam'( girl comparable to gold) in stead of 'Kanaka Sampannam'( girl decked in gold).
    • Coming to Akshaya Tritiya,every one gets up early, finishes off break fast within minutes. MIL-DIL conflicts get vapourized into thin air;With great plans, they make a bee line in front of jewellery shop of their choice.They are in a jovial mood of selection process.
    They are never bothered about the huge fees to be paid
    into University, the very next month.What a great planning Akshaya Tritiya has evolved in getting people into debt traps.!
    Contrary to expectations ,nothing has grown all these years except the price of gold.Within 15 years it has increased more than 10 times.We do not buy gold alone.Fear,insecurity and tension too are thrust on us.
    My friend , a staunch believer of auspiciousness lost her cash and credit card in the mad rush and is still to learn a lesson.
    Not only the jewellers but all the Super markets, with modern communication devices, Car and Finance
    Companies ,specifically Real Estate Promoters are encashing on the beliefs of customers!
    From a day of GIVING, Akshaya Tritiya has turned into a day of CONSUMPTION.
    It has transcended all religions, castes and communities.
    A way to establish SECULARISM?It a multimillion SUPERSTITION
    Industry.Zero laws and Zero Loss and windfall returns!
    Don't blame Indians alone.
    It is FENG-Shui in China.There are FengShui Masters
    everywhere in China to guide( misguide) people
    under the name of Psychology.Along with mega scientific advancements,there is an equally strong explosion of many religious beliefs among all the nations.India tops the list!Be proud!!
    The earth revolves around the Sun. It didn't change.
    The scorching summer did not change;
    people are born, live and die. That too did n't change;
    But purchase of a gram of gold on Akshaya Tritiya
    is going to bring a radical Change. Wah!
    Business giants employ more pundits as their advisers
    for ascertaining more events on the calendar!There is
    religious fervour attached to every business,even of
    those people branded as RATIONLISTS.
    Realtors simply magnify unimportant facilities like Gym,
    Swimming pool, Club house etc undermining the genuineness of Title deeds.The faith on the'DAY'
    mars it all.
    What is AKSHAYa,that is UNDIMINISHING is--becoming victims to cheating.
    After all GOD is hidden in GOLD also_Once that 'L' denoting LUST is removed,the eternal GOD shines.

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