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Adjusting to a new environment

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous in Parenting' started by vaidehi, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. vaidehi

    vaidehi Silver IL'ite

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    Hi all!

    We r moving to Us by next month, I have certain doubts regarding my child wwho is 3 yr old an hyper active child by nature at the same time is very naughty , Can he adjust to a totally new environment in US?

    The thing is he has grown up among so many people around and has been pampered to a greatextent by all the family members too. I have heard that in US kids are usually expected to behave in a discpilned way,Will this be a problem for us .

    Since he is only 3 yr old i cannot send him to a school unlike india, Can anyone of us share there exp with their kids and what they do to keep them engaged in some or other activities.

    Are pre schools /play schools which are pvt owned very costly in US? What could be the fees approx for the same.

    I think i have asked too many questions, but would really be helpful if someone can help me out with their advice.


  2. ssubhasr

    ssubhasr Silver IL'ite

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    hi Vaidegi


    Dont worry u have lot of play schools here...where they wil admit child even from the 2nd yr onwards.
    There is no difference between US and Indian children. All are same! Even some US children (sp. blacks - sry to mention this) are very rude when compared to others.

    bon voyage!!!

  3. Srama

    Srama IL Hall of Fame

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    Hi Vaidehi,

    it will be easy for him to adjust to the new environment. Frist of all kids are curious and depend more on parents in a new environment. So it might be a good idea to keep him home and get him to be comfortable. Then you can explore daycares near your area - the fees will depend on the number of days/hours you want to send depending on the place you will live. Kindergarten will not start till he is 5. As far as he being hyper active, it is quite normal and he will soon blend in - not to worry there. He might miss family for which you will have to depend on phone and internet. Also in the US there are a lot of activities you can do with him like the libraries are excellent, lots of theme parks, regular parks, museums, take him swimming, etc. You can also hook up with the local Indian community and soon your hands will be full. He will have a good time and so will you. So, take it easy, relax and explore your new world!


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