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Adi Purush

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by jayasala42, Jun 30, 2023.

  1. jayasala42

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    These so called Creative Directors and producers have an easy way out and escape from Criminal liability by just make a Disclaimer in the title Cards that it is purely a work of fiction.
    The authorities, the Censor Board are very casual in their approach and carry no deep knowledge of history and mythology and confine their mind to axe some double meaning Sexy dialogue and exposure of anatomy, especially female.
    They see only the tree and miss the forest.
    They, many time worry and stop screening on the simple claim of plagiarism issue.
    But they turn a Nelson eye when these films distorted and discredited and defamed characters held high and worshipped.
    We need a Censor Board who are capable of reining in these mischief mongers and those who play with culture and history.
    We the common men and women too fall a prey and easily carried away by marketing technique and lured of Superior technology.
    It is unfortunate that this film collected so far 450 Crores from local and screening abroad
    Now there is a reverse trend and the theatre occupancy rate touched the bottom and collection nose dived.
    Had we boycotted such unworthy films and made Box Office collection poor and make these million dollar productions failed no producer would help producing such evil venture in future.

    Here is the observation of the Hon'ble Allahabad High Court.

    They have torn the makers of Adipurusha to pieces. Why are some "Hindus" advocating for rubbish in the name of freedom of expression? We as a Hindu nation are tolerant beyond limits, beyond what is necessary. Do you call it tolerance, or weakness? Or Apathy?

    Here is a Daniel come to judgment. We hope that this will open the eyes of all "tolerant" Hindus!

    Will some perverse people say that this is one more instance of subversion of the judiciary? If so, they will have to udergo serious and urgent brain scan.

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  2. umaakumar

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    Dear Ma'am,

    Well said. I was hearing the review of the movie. The narrator says Hanuman uses bad language. Hard to digest. I would not see this even if comes on OTT platform.
    Same applies to books written based on our mythology. They write such distorted things. In one book that I read a couple of years back, the even where Kunti Devi gets Karna from Surya Bhagawan, was so distorted. It was like reading a **** book. I stopped half way.
    The sad part is the younger generation and people who do not know much about our mythology and culture begin to believe these books.


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