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Activities - How Do You Handle

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous in Parenting' started by Vedhavalli, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. ashneys

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    I somehow never get pulled into the pressure because I feel no insecurities about the way am rising my kid. For me, it’s only my kid that matters n sometimes I show it in a nicer way without offending others if pushed.

    During vacations, while some kids are shoved into a 100 classes mine likes chilling at home. He says please it’s vacation time. So vacation times are minimal class times. But still maintain minimal screen time, increase creative play time, reading, outside play time, etc. During regular period he attends all his extra classes happily.

    I don’t pick the classes based on others going n I don’t stop him from going to a class because others aren’t. He goes for classes that he is interested in n he commits to it n becomes good in that.

    If any moms asks me to try this n that, I say if he likes or interested, then we’ll see. I inform my kid, if hes interested, we go for one trial class n if likes, yes for the class, if not ignore. I don’t believe in pressuring the kid or myself just to please some one else.

    World is competitive, you should teach them life skill like people skills too. 100 classes doesn’t equals to success n zero classes doesn’t equal to failure either. Everyone are different in the world. We can’t make robots out of our kids.

    Every kid is unique, some likes those 100 classes n some don’t like even one. We can help or encourage them to develop interests n maybe use this way to figure out their interests. But the kids should feel the same. I can’t imagine forcing my kid to do something he doesn’t want to do just to please others.

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