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A Tricky Situation About Wedding

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by thegirlygirl, May 2, 2021.

  1. SGBV

    SGBV IL Hall of Fame

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    It is an arranged marriage set up, where the girl & boy arrange their marriage as per the modern style (matrimonial/dating/etc...).
    Parents are informed of their choice & hence they plan the traditional wedding for the sake of family's pride....

    Now that, the girl & boy are sure of their union. But the wedding part is not in their hands. They are even ready to jump to a live in arrangement if needs be.

    The boy's mom looks not so intelligent. She seem to be ignorant of the things happening in India right now.
    The girl's family need to put their feet down & say NO to the things which seem fishy.

    Wedding, that too a grand wedding in India is a strict NO during this pandemic.
    Nothing can be planned these days... Leave alone flight tickets, hotel bookings, etc..etc... Period.

    The boy needs to be informed about the concerns & reservations that the girls family have. See how he reacts.
    His age is not important here, but see how matured & independent he is when handling such matters.
    He can possibly convince his mom & find alternative ways to arrange this marriage.

    If age is a concern, both can opt for court marriage now & start living together. The marriage reception can follow once the pandemic settles down.

    Boy & girl should be open about rituals & marriage expenses & should be sharing the burden equally.
    No need to involve parents if they are not understanding
  2. chanchitra

    chanchitra Gold IL'ite

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    183841020_10224621568436106_961700536757045464_n.jpg Doing marriage on 13 th of this month. This guy is worried about lathicharge, not corona.
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  3. Hopikrishnan

    Hopikrishnan Platinum IL'ite

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    Mystery shrouds growth in Covid cases in young people
    Just like in India, the new variant of the virus is affecting the younger people.
    Messages of support flooded Brazilian social media circles last week after news that 35-year-old actor Thomás Aquino, star of the critically acclaimed 2019 western thriller Bacurau, had gone into intensive care with a severe case of Covid-19.

    He suffered a pulmonary embolism but was eventually discharged after spending 10 days in intensive care.

    "It is Thomás' wish for me to inform you," tweeted Bacurau director Kleber Mendonça Filho, "take care of yourselves, wear a mask, remain isolated whenever possible, ignore this government."

    Young and healthy, Thomás contracted the disease amid Brazil's worst wave of coronavirus infections yet, which has claimed a

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