A To Z Benefits Of Amla

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    Amla (Botanical Name Emblic Myrobalan) is a popular, easily available variety of berry with numerous benefits. Rich in vitamin c, and antioxidant properties, it is a low cost berry. It is round in shape, green in colour and sour in taste. Highly used in both culinary and medicinal fields. Especially in Ayurveda, Intake of Amla before meals is advised. “अभुक्त्वात् आमलकं पथ्यम्”“Abhukthvaat Aamalakam Pathyam’. A simple recipe of Amla Pachadi ,i.e amla raita, Take raw or Cook the amla and then grind it along with green or red chillies, add salt &mix it with curd. Add seasoning .Amal raita is ready just in minutes. To preserve Amla for a long time, it is cooked and stored along with honey in air-tight jars. Amla pickle is a most relished one and is a good combination with curd rice.

    The Amla tree is also worshipped in India, during the month of Nov-Dec. i.e (15 Nov-15 Dec) Karthika masa, month of Karthika, according to Indian calendar. Let’s take a quick look at its benefits - - - - -

    A- Anti- inflammatory

    B- Boosts immunity

    C- Controls diabetics

    D- Detoxifies

    E- Eaten raw

    F- Fights against cancer

    G- Gut protector

    H- Helps in hair growth & colour

    I- Iron content/ Increases HDL

    J- Juice promotes longevity (In Tamil literature, Because of this unique quality of Amla, The King Adiyamaam, presented Amla to Avvaiyar-the great Tamil Poetess.)

    K- Keeps constipation at bay

    L- Lose weight

    M- Maintains blood pressure

    N- Nutritious as well as nourishes

    O- Organs friendly

    P- Prevents premature greying

    Q- Quick digestion

    R- Restores good vision

    S- Strengthens bones

    T- Throat healer

    U- Ulcer free

    V- Very effective in treating cold and fever

    W- Wound healing

    X- X…..

    Y- Youthful skin

    Z- Zest enhancer
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