A Test Between India And Australia

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    In a Test between India and Australia, a fiery Lee was sending quivers down the Indian spine. The new batsman, our sardar, walked slowly to the crease, not feeling unlike a lamb at the slaughter house.

    As Lee thundered in, suddenly sardar stood up in the crease, and signalled that he wanted the sight screen adjusted. Adjustments were made and Lee was ready to come in again.

    Once again, in the middle of his run-up, sardar found something disturbing in the sight screen.

    Indeed, this went on a few times before the irritated umpire, Steve Bucknor walked up to the batsman and enquired, "Where do you want the sight screen, for God`s sake?"

    Santa asked, with an ounce of fear, "Could I have it between Lee and me?"!!!

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